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I have locked my payout address. Can it be unlocked?

As a security precaution, it is possible to lock your current payout address, so it cannot be changed by anyone who gains access to your pool account. However once you lock your payout address please be sure that you have a backup of it stored in safely. You will need it once you decide to unlock it.

Wallet unlock:

If you wish to unlock your wallet you can do it on your own if you still have an access to it. Then please follow this procedure:

  1. Visit your Settings page.
  2. Click the selected coin and Payouts tab
  3. Click "Unlock by wallet signature" button
  4. Copy the message from “Message” field
  5. Sign the copied message within your wallet
  6. Put the signature into the “Signature” field
  7. Confirm by clicking on the “Unlock by wallet signature” button
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